Indian Buffet King

We keep telling you about our Sunday Buffet – and we’re back to do the same again!  We know people’s perceptions of buffets and the quality of food available.  Ours isn’t about taking a chance to use up left over ingredients – or churn out cheap versions of our classics – it is about giving you the opportunity to experience a range of our authentic Indian dishes.

Four months down the line – and we just love the buzz of the place on a Sunday.  We have more and more regular customers – and we still have new ones coming and trying it every week.  Our poor chef spends every Saturday night getting some sleep to build up his energy reserves ready to churn out stacks of quality food all day.  Whilst we rotate our menu each week – our Chicken Korma seems to be the most popular dish – we just can’t make enough.

Give us a call and book a table – this is a buffet you have to try.

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