Wine List

Until recently most people would not have considered drinking wine with any kind of Indian food. Then when wine was requested, the choice available was not particularly suited to the food and usually limited to a predictable few.

The Clay Oven offer a great selection of wines from around the world. The myth that wine does not complement Indian food has long since been exploded as has the belief that all Indian food is too hot to handle without accompanying quantities of lager.

As with all successful food and wine marriages, careful selection is the key. Generally, wines with distinctive characteristics fare better than anything too subtle, with big fruity reds and generous full bodied whites providing the most successful partnerships with our dishes.

Like wine, beers all have their own distinct flavour, bouquet, body & colour, so why settle for a jug of cold but bland lager? Try our range of continental lagers and British ales.

The Clay Oven wine list boasts a huge selection of wines from all over the globe, from the traditional European countries to Canada and Argentina.

The Clay Oven stocks a variety of Beers, Spirits and Aperitifs as well as freshly ground coffee and a selection of teas.