Featured Dish – Malayan

Our Malayan dish is another exotic and mild dish similar to last month’s Featured Dish – Kashmiri.

If you’re looking for something different to your regular spicy curries, this is one to try with it’s fruity flavours.

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Order a Takeaway and get FREE delivery

Did you know we offer a free delivery service for Takeaway orders?

For any orders of £10 and over, we will deliver for FREE within 3 miles of our Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Edinburgh’s Morningside area!

Choose from our Takeaway Menu and call on 0131 447 9724 to order your Indian Takeaway tonight. Your fantastic tasty curry will be delivered straight to your door!

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Indian Sunday Buffet – £9.95 for adults, £5.95 for kids

Our all day Sunday buffet has been running for over a year now and is extremely popular every Sunday as it gives diners a chance to try a selection of dishes.

Our buffet menu is changed every Sunday to keep things exciting while some favourites such as the classic Indian dish, Chicken Tikka Massallam, being featured regularly.

A sample buffet menu is provided below and the cost of the buffet is only:

  • £9.95 for adults
  • £5.95 for kids under 10
  • FREE for kids under 3


  • Sabzi Pakora – mixed vegetable with gram flour and deep fried.
  • Chicken Wings – lovely spiced chicken wings – finger food at it’s best
  • Chana Puri – chick peas in spicy gravy served with puffed break – you have to taste this treat.

Mains – Meat

  • Chicken Tikka Massallam – everyone knows this one – and we think our version is pretty special
  • Chicken Korma – a lightly spiced creamy chicken curry
  • Chicken Jalfrezie – a hotter chicken dish – really tasty
  • Alo Gosht – Lovely lamb and spiced potatoes.

Main Veg

  • Alo Gobi Massallam – Wholesome spiced potato and cauliflower in a classic Indian gravy
  • Sag Daal – Spinach and lentils in a curry sauce – ideal on its own or as a side dish.
  • Mixed Vegetable Bhaji – a range of mixed vegetables with selected spices.


  • Nan (plain) – freshly cooked with the taste of the tandoor.


  • Pilau Rice – the classic flavoured rice


There will be a range of sauces to enjoy with you food – including chilli Sauce, lovely yoghurty Mint Sauce and some lively spiced onions


  • Tea/Coffee – whichever you fancy!
  • Ice Cream – to refresh you after your meal (if you still have room!)

Book Now

As we say – the buffet is popular – so please call us on 0131 447 9724 and book yourself a seat at our table.

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Film of the Month – Thor

Join in with us at The Clay Oven, to welcome the God of Thunder – Thor, to Morningside!

This latest fantasy blockbuster (in 3D) is sure to get a full house at our local Dominion cinema. Thor, the rebelling super-hero warrior is banished from his home planet Asgard to Earth. Here, he must fit in with normal human beings, reclaim back the powers to his magical hammer, Mjollnir, and learn what it means to be a true hero when attacked by a dangerous villain from Asgard.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be left with a super-hero sized hunger to match. So why not come along to The Clay Oven, where our restaurant’s chef will cook up a super-size delicious meal to satisfy your appetite.

If your head is still abuzz with all the movie’s amazing action sequences, then delve into our Assorted Kebab Selection, where the fine flavours will take care of your buzzing tastebuds. Then we recommend the superior Podina Murgh Massallam. Charcoal grilled chicken cutlets, in an appetizing sauce with mint and spring onions.

Compliment this dish with any of our Super Side Dishes, full of hearty and wholesome vegetables. You’re now on your way to regaining that super-strength!

And lastly, Marvel at the creamy delight of the traditional but very energizing Indian Kulfi ice cream.

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The Clay Oven Business Lunch

Eager to escape the hectic activity at work or just looking forward to a hearty wholesome lunch? Then come over to the Clay Oven and enjoy a well prepared and tasty 3 course Business Lunch meal for only £6.95.

Our Starter is a no fussy, appetizing Sabzi Pakora, to get you into the mood.

For the Main Course, we offer you a choice of four dishes – Korma, Bhuna, Madras or Pathia – in either Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable. All of these are served with Pilau Rice or Nan Bread.

To finish up you can choose Vanilla Ice Cream or a Tea or Coffee.

Just enough to satisfy your appetite in the middle of any day!

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Get Quantity & Quality at our Special Sunday Buffet!

Come back for more and more at the Sunday Buffet at The Clay Oven. Pile your plates high with your choice of the very best of Indian cuisine, again and again!

If you’ve been good all week with your calorie counting then treat yourself to our Indian restaurant’s fantastic buffet dishes, available from 12-10pm.

Our restaurant chef creates a wonderful array of mouthwatering dishes that are sure to suit any taste. Whether you’re after a light lunch or want a monster size feast, you’ll be very happy with all the choices available. You’ll be pleased to know all dishes are made up fresh on the same day.

Our sample menu below highlights what’s on offer.

Sample Buffet Menu


  • Sabzi Pakora
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chana Puri

Meat Dishes

  • Tandoori Chicken Tikka Massallam
  • Badami Chicken Korma
  • Chicken Jalfrezie
  • Alo Gosht

Vegetarian Dishes

  • Alo Ghobi
  • Sag Dal
  • Mixed Vegetable Bhaji

Bread & Rice

  • Nan Bread
  • Pilau Rice


  • Chilli Sauce
  • Mint Yoghurt Sauce
  • Spiced Onions

Refreshments / Dessert

  • Tea/Coffee or Ice Cream

Buffet Prices

  • £9.95 for adults
  • £5.95 for kids under 10
  • FREE for kids under 3

Call now on 0131 447 9724 to book a table!

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An Event with a bit of heat

After a wild winter, it may not feel quite true – but Spring is finally here! Although it’s not quite shorts and t-shirt weather yet, hopefully we are moving in that direction. As we move towards brighter evenings, one of Edinburgh’s classic festivals isn’t too far away – and it’s an evening of fire at the Beltane Fire Festival!

On 30th April, Edinburgh’s Carlton Hill is overtaken by revellers, drums and fire as up to 12 thousand people descend on the city to participate in this ancient Celtic fertility festival.

Red hot curry

So, whether you are an Edinburgh resident, or just visiting us to unleash your primal instincts, why not put some fire in your belly with a great Indian meal. Before you brave the flames we can give you as much heat as you want with one of our classic curry dishes!

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Super Start your Meal at The Clay Oven

What better way to open your feast than with one of our finest scrumptious starters!

Murghi Chatt

To narrow down a couple of the many delicious offerings, we suggest The Clay Oven’s magnificent Murghi Chatt. This dish consists of small pieces of tender chicken, cooked with tomatoes and cucumbers in a hot and spicy sour sauce.

Panir Cutlet

If you prefer a non-meat option, let us recommend The Clay Oven’s Panir Cutlet. These are small patties stuffed with home-made cheese, which are then carefully shallow fried. The starter is accompanied with a complimenting mint sauce.

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Featured Dish – Kashmiri

Kashmir is located in North India. The cuisine is distinctive in its generous use of curds in the gravy sauce, giving the dish a creamy consistency.

The Clay Oven’s own Kashmiri featured dish contains fresh lychees and sliced banana, blended with exotic tropical spices. This delicious meal is best complimented with both any type of naan bread and Pilau Rice.

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Featured Dish – Dupiaza

According to legend, the Dupiaza dish was created when a courtier of Mughal Emperor ‘Akbar Mullah Do Piaza’ accidentally added a large amount of onions to a dish. The dish went on further to make its mark in Hyderabad, becoming a popular regional cuisine.

At The Clay Oven, we create our Dupiaza with the same ‘large’ amount of onions and then add in the wonderful combination of green peppers for a very distinct flavour. Behold, the Dupiaza is a dish to satisfy any Emperor’s appetite!

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